If you don’t clean up the little messes your room every day, you will be cleaning up a real big mess someday. Well, Sibelius skipped on the roll-out, and we bitched, nobody fell over Benghazi and everybody skated, etc., etc. on every scandal. (One dude was sacked but the he was retiring anyway). Well it has come to the sticking point. And from the history on Shinseki, it is the regrettable truth that an apparently good man is paying for the sins of the father. The fact of the political matter is that Obama used this issue as a campaign topic years ago. Everybody has known about the lousy response time with the VA for the past few decades. The administration cannot use, though Obama has, a lack of information as an excuse for inaction. They cannot keep professing ignorance without sacrificing their last few shreds of credibility. (I am being generous in that last line. I don’t see a “smidgen” of credibility). So the buck stopped with you sir.


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