I waited till the last minute. She said that I could come a half hour early but I waited until three minutes before the curtain went up. I planned on leaving a little early to avoid the en masse’ exodus from the school. The play was Peter Pan and I was delighted to find out that it was only about 45 minutes long. I was hot. They turned off the air handlers to the gym because they were too noisy. I felt the sweat trickling down the nape of my neck.  I’ve got a game leg and it was giving me problems. There was no seating left so I had to stand for the whole performance. I had to rescue little sister Masey because she insisted in getting in the way of the cast who were stampeding through the double doors I was compelled to watch from because the SRO actually spilled into the hall.

Then, from my vantage at the door, I spotted my  Leah, who sat at the foot of the stage in her Indian outfit looking away from me. In a few seconds she began to scan the room. When she saw me she smiled. It was such a smile of utter joy at my being there, so radiant she sparkled ! A powerful creature, a grandchild.  She turned my whole day around with just a smile. Suddenly I was just overjoyed to be there.



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