klik da pik


Soon they will be base jumping from the Washington monument! Naw! just pullin’ your leg. We sit, on the sidelines, watching the action as the testosterone drenched Russion military parties hearty. A personal history that includes nuclear holocaust drills in grade school, and a “better dead than red,” attitude since birth, not withstanding, I find myself kinda’ getting behind PUTIN!
It’s still better dead than red with this blogger, but I feel like I’m with the ‘pocket protector geeks’ watching the game from the bleachers while the opposing teams quarterback is running us ragged. And revealing characteristics in attitude and action that I wish could be generated by our own (fearless leader).
In a recent photo–op session a little girl asked Putin “If you were drowning, do you believe Obama would save you?” In the course of answering he stated that he and Obama did not have a close relationship. {men hang with men} Putin had a very congenial relationship with ‘ole dub ya Bush. But Obama wouldn’t hang with a ruffian like Putin.
I guess that what you can expect when you hire a professional whose only work experience is limited to organizing “gimmie groups coercing banks into trash loans to people who have no sound hope of maintaining the loan agreement. Putin, the cold-warrior, and retired KGB will be giving Obama atomic wedgies and shoving him into broom closets.




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