Wet Nurse Mullahs ……

Splitting hairs seems to be a reflection of the fearless leaders odd relationship with women. Apart from the sex salves, it didn’t seem to bother him to be raping the women he would take after murdering their husbands, right in front of them. .He felt that unrequited love, never spoken by the pining male that he loves her , is the purist form of love,. His last wife Aisha, was first selected to be the prophets wife when he saw her crawling across his cousins floor at the age of 6. He sent for her a couple years later and consummated the union when she was the ripe old age of 9, (nine). Wives must shave their nether parts clean before ether husband returns from  his conquests. Prepubescent sexuality seemed to hold quite a sway for the old prophet. Either he was wedding and bedding pre pubescent females or insisting that wives infantilize their genitals by shaving them. To give them a pre-pubescent appearance. HMMM?   Throw in FGM and the  re-enactment of Satyicon is complete, the perversions are as twisted as they get.                  Just Klikdapik for more

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