Searching the Treeline

All the European countries will kneel before us.” So says an MP for Turkey, of possible responses to condemnation of Turkeys invasion of Syria. Sounds rather biblical doesn’t it. Turkey has it’s sights set on the Kurdish population that has been fighting ISSIS for and with America et. al.

The Kurds have been strong allies since they fought with Americans to subdue Iraq during the ousting of Saddam Hussein. The, Kurds  have a strong affection for the U.S. ….at least they have had an affection for the U.S. in the past. The abandonment of the Kurds, long considered terrorists by the Turks, has given a green light to genocide.

The Turks have had journeyman’s training in genocide since they murdered as many as 1.5 million Armenians in 1915.  Tayyip Erdogan  the present president of Turkey has been revitalizing a fundamentalist Islam in Turkey, with all the repression and oppression of it’s constituents one comes to expect from regressive Muslim countries..


Erdogan is threatening to release 3.6 million migrants on Europe should he feel the need. This is a rather odd threat. I have never heard anyone threaten another country with an attack of homeless people?

The fact still remains Erdogan was going to invade Syria. There was nothing we could do to stop it. The Kurds will be given the same treatment that Turkey would afford any group of terrorists. They will be killed, tortured and maltreated in countless ways. And unless we want to start a conventional war with Turkey, there is nothing we can do to stop the carnage. But I do hope we destroy Turkeys economy as a response to their nasty behavior.

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