“Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, Baddest man  in the whole damn town.”  Jim Croce was a blue-jean trubadore who connected with the grit and sinue of the working .class hero. He could touch the heart of even the most crusty bikers on the pike.

The south side of Chicago, the baddest part of town

And if you go down there,

You better just beware…………


Crime scene tape with police cars at night.

Chicagos’ Lightfoot and Ted Cruze get into a twitter fight over the 2nd amendment.

There is an ongoing denial of sanctity of life in this nation. When the massacre that happens  every weekend  in Chicago Illinois  cannot get the airtime and attention of  other, incidents of  violence,   then violence in Chicago  has become mundane! 7 dead Bodies and  22 wounded last weekend is not news.   

Above the fold fodder and the kicker that gives these deaths their luster is that they are unexpected,  and the victims aren’t mostly black and living in Chicago. The “shock and awe” factor is gold when you are taking up the cardboard sign and clenching the fist of rage over gun control. The simple fact of the matter is that the dead bodies in Chicago are not as news worthy than bodies of a greater God……..RATINGS……And there is nothing that can pump up the RATINGS numbers like a good SECOND AMENDMANT CAGE MATCH!


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