Go West MR. Biden….Right?

Cornell West is a smart fellow. He leans is left  but his mind is that of a divergent thinker. If you get him in the zone and he gets to churning out stream of conciouness, he will even say some things that are quite astute, if not right, per se.  He is looking at the false  “black preacher” mimicking of Biden and telling him he has to get with reality to beat this group of primary candidates.

I  was embarassed for Joe Biden when he attempted, to sound like an evangelical preacher, a black one at that! It is silly what some polititions will do for a vote. I guess prostitues sometimes get the same reactions when they have to do incredibly stupid things for money.

But if he continues to defend his involvement in a 1984 three strikes law he penned,  he will be easy prey for Trump in that the law resulted in mass incarcerations for blacks in affected jurisdictions. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!! POSSIBLE BLACK DEFECTIONS MIGHT OCCUR …..Biden may alienate the African-American community.

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