Sometimes you find character and backbone  in places you wouldn’t normaly think. When the students from the Stem School, Highlands Ranch, stomped from the gym during what was slated as a memorial vigil, The common heart of mankind swelled with pride at the clarity of vision, the high school youths  courage of  conviction, and the iron in their will as they stood their ground against all comers.  The students of Stem Highlands High School stood and walked out of a memorial vigil for their fallen schoolmate, not follow the political agenda of the “guest speakers” that came to bleed the wound and nourish their own  political bloodlust.

When the students realized that the their vigil had been high jacked by politicos with an ax to grind, They walked out and in a clear glance, having accurately diagnosed the illness.  They know real love when they see it. And the speakers literally forgot that they were at a memorial. If they ever really knew what one was.This was for  healing of the loss of a friend, a son and brother. It was not the “right disaster” to launch an attack on the 2nd amendment. IT SEEMS THAT WHEN YOU HAVE LOST FAITH IN THE YOUTH OF AMERICA, SOME FINE YOUNG LIONS LIKE THESE TAKE A STAND FOR THEIR CONVICTIONS.  and rattle your cage!     AMEN!

Students hold up their lit phones as they exit a high school.

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