It is Unmuh day in Philidelphia. Funny, but I have never heard of this particular holiday before. Ummah refers to the society of Muslims en masse. Philadelphia? Ummah? America? What?

I am at a loss to explain the self-flagellant drive that calls Americans to cook and eat the same stew as those who would have them killed just for living.

Being so rendered speechless, I offer a good little article on this incident that does have a word or two of wisdom. But it seems more questions than answers are born of closer inspection! KLIKDAPIK to read more

A question that haunts me is the blatant under-reporting of this event. I am appalled by the sight of innocents singing lyrics dedicated to beheading, and bloodletting in general.. Why are the sensitivities of the MSM not tweaked as well?  Do you think you could squeeze a pejorative essay out of them with Christian Hymns being sung by the same group?

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