600 Rockets

When our friends   on the left are wailing about how the Israelis are oppressing the people who live in the area the so designated “Palistine” lets us not forget the 600 rockets they just fired into random residential areas of Israel. The rockets are not little bottle rockets, they are full sized offensive weapons with warheads packed with high explosives.

Supplied by Iran, war ordinance is plentiful and used at the discretion of  Hamas or Hezbollah, both designated as terrorist organizations. Where is the left. Why should the Israelis be condemned? Could it be that they have been given a bit of desert about 50 years ago, that they, through wars with Arab neighbors and constant threat of terroristic attacks at any moment, managed to build a modern, vibrant and productive society?

Rockets fired towards Israel from the Gaza Strip, May 4, 2019

This last little bastion of civilization, that stands as the sentinel on the frontier  of civilization, should be encouraged and supported. For one thing,  the Muslims that live in Israel will lose many of  personal rights and constitutional protections that they enjoy under the democracy of Israel.

GOOD GUYS?…………………..BAD GUYS?…………………….YOU DECIDE……..

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