During my career as a hobo I caught a ride by a bearded stump of a man who sold silk screened T-shirts at open air venues such as Venice Beach Ca. or various farmers markets ect. It was ’79 and the Shah of Iran was getting run out of power by the Ayatollah Khomeini,  “The   AYATOLLAH IS AN ASSAHOLA ” captioning, and a not too bad graven image of the Grand Ayatollah  was our T shirt design. At the time the regime was holding dozens of American citizens caught in the melee in Tehran during the fall of the Shaw’s  government, they had been held for over a year. Jimmy Carter was our commander in Chief. He was read as weak by the Iranians, (which he was), and they dragged the Carter administration and the American people around for 444 days. It was only with Reagans inauguration that the hostages saw home again. With the Ayatollah coming to power in Iran the “Era of the Jihad” was launched. Since that time they (the mullahs of Iran) have seen themselves as a spiritual Army of anointed Jihadists destined to initiate the final Apocalyptic battle when we non-believers, in particular, the Jews, will be “wiped away“.

 We silk screened the T shirts in a Hotel 6, and sold them on Venice Beach. They were a hit.

If you think the Iranians are mad in this vid. We just cut off their remaining oil  markets as POTUS ratchets up sanctions. So as one glimpses the raw footage below, it is advisable to note that Iran, as a true theocracy, is basing its foreign policy on the arrival of a fictional “Twelfth Imam” who will precipitate the onset of Armageddon and the immediate destruction of Israel, as an opening gambit in the final conflict..


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