Don’t Be Gay in Iran



As he watched her crawl across the floor, his loins burned with lust. He knew that he must have her. But he was a good Prophet of Islam. He was widely tauted as the perfect male. His persona and life has been a role model for all Muslim men for the last 1400 years.  When he gazed upon that sweet 6 year-year-old ass he lost his heart. BUT! Being a good Muslim, he waited. They were wed and she was deflowered when she was NINE YEARS OLD! Mohammed was over 50 years old at the time of the nuptials………..BUT if you are gay in Iran these days you had better stay in your hole and not peek out! For if the Mullahs see you, you’ll be swing’n from a cherry picker soon.

I have been married the better part of thirty years. I am happy that the “Triple Talaq” wasn’t an option for me. We are happy now, but in the early years I would have triple talaqed her several times. Women can’t do the triple so I guess they have to kill you in your sleep and run to the nearest border.  


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