We, in our callow youth and exuberance We pronounce,”Well. lets go talk some trash” (to females, for reasons I won.t get into now). Basically, it means abandoning any semblance of honesty between the sexes. On rare occasion such philandering would score, but most of the time it was just embarrassing in the end. But it seems ol’ Mo came up with a little trash talk to justify playing with boobies!  Mohamed had a habit of talking to God at times when he wanted something and needed a good lie to get what he wanted.  The funny vignette following is and example of talking trash to get what you want while leaving truth in your dust. 

It is a problem. This ignorance of the finer points of Islamic life. Let us not be steeped in ignorance.  Lets refer to a history of Islam, the Hadith, in order to discover about breast feeding.  It is an interesting but slightly stimulating story.

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