….It isn’t nt even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”  (Winston Churchill commenting on the successful landings on Day). I have been, at least till yesterday morning, a little disturbed by my lack of reaction to the  presidential election results. I have been a bit crestfallen. Numb.

Trump is too crude, shoots off his mouth when he should be silent and listen, his humor is sophomoric and a hindrance to clear communication. He is just not as presidential as little ol’ Jackhammerjohn would like. I have been conditioned to candidates who were smooth, with all rough edges carefully honed and polished for public consumption. Yes I admit I have been programmed a bit.   We all know that most challengers for the position of most powerful human on the planet are narcissistic professional liars bent on personal aggrandizement. On the publics nickel!  The old programming is hard to spot sometimes. After a lifetime of watching lying liars lie you can confuse polish with competence. Who do you trust? Maybe the guy that obviously doesn’t polish his response for maximum across-the-board positive effect, blurts out what he really believes, then defends his belief?

On my way east, down the Ute Pass toward Manitou Springs Colo., this morning, a front pushed a  thick snowfall that passed a few moments earlier passed over and lie ahead between  me and the sunrise.  Looking through a couple miles of snowfall at a clear morning horizon gives a breathtaking effect.  Above were snow clouds, ahead the sky was clear, Between me the sunrise snowfall draped a shimmering veil across a huge silver disc just breaking  from the horizon.  WOW.

In a few minutes the skys above were that clear pale blue sky that  characterizes southern colorados fickle weather patterns. At this daybreak I got the epiphany that although I no longer felt quite so weird voting for Trump. The problems of the world are much greater than one election. I had become so committed to this single election, I lost sight of the fact that evil is out there and that, and although I am but a tiny voice in the wilderness, I cannot just walk away from a war unfinished. I am duty bound to speak up against theise evils, even if I only reach one person.

 We didn’t promote it, we didn’t want it, but  RELIGIOUS WAR has been waged against the west. They want to turn the clock back to 650 BCE establish a world wide Caliphate, Sharia governed Islam.  If I don’t stand against such bad behavior, I am supporting it. An’ dat aint happenin’ at this address!!

As with many, Brits, having faught the Nazis for a long 4 years, the average Englander felt the war was won. But, (another big butt) there was still much left undone.  (And so the quote is as the title of this piece.” Yes, we are on the beaches and are moving inland. But this is just the first move in a war that may have no end forthcoming.

The first shot  fired, the harbinger that the opposition had learned nothing in losing the government was the Dems choice of  Keith Ellison as the Chairperson of the National Democratic Party. WASHINGTON - APRIL 17: U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) speaks to the Consultation on Conscience held by the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism at the Cannon House Office Building April 17, 2007 on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images)

  His politics are a little left of Karl Marx and he is a strident anti-Semite. He believes Israel is controlling American politics and that the little country of 7 million is beating up on the region of 350 million Muslims just waiting for a good chance at destroying her. It’s kinda pitiful, having tacked left as a winning strategy and lost, the poor dears have decided the thing to do is to double down on a losing position and tack even farther left.

Hopefully Trump can do what I hired him to do. Kick start the economy and hopefully, extoll and model of healthy respect for winning or a least wanting to win.   Of course learning to be a gracious loser could be a helpful quality to develop. Just think of how safe we would feel if these people were in charge.



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