Family Album



I love this picture. I could have included shots of all five of my girls, their spouses and my grandbabies.  But these days one must be careful. One must take into consideration the possible consequences of revealing anyones identity to the teaming masses of crazies out there in cyber land, just chomping at the bit to harm someone. I will provide a list instead. It should prove descriptive enough to get the point across.

  • I have five beautiful daughters. Some geneticly attached to me and some given to me through the grace of God.
  • Two black sons-in-law. One working for a national company with a future that looks pretty good. The other a happy workaholic and father to my little running-buddy g-daughter, May.
  • Another rolled across the Mexican/American border. Put on the bus by his mom at the age of thirteen. Taught himself English and put himself through high school.  Good father and provider, on the path to legal citizenship and buying a house now.
  • Various sexual orientations and religious orientations that include Christian, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, and a gnostic here and there to liven things up a bit. (and various other  levels of faith on a continum of continuums).  One end of the family is Muslim but I have felt a chill I can’t seem to overcome in recent years. Sorry ’bout that.

A typical American family.  Oh! yes. I have been severely beaten by police. 

So who do I hate?






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