Hugo and Shawn Sittin’ in a Tree……


Yeah, Hugos’ gone and Sean is gettin’  busy gettin’canned at Caan.  But the feral  economy that is devouring Venezuela is their love child. FIrst there was Engels, then Marx, then Lennon, Stalin, Khrushchev etc. and finally Hugo and Sean. Then when flat out communism proves too heady a brew for practically everywhere but Cuba, it was watered down with enough capitalism to hopefully keep the people fat quiet and fed while the government intervention keeps them “poor but equal”. They call this watered down version of communism,  socialism.  (An aside stage left)…Some find it easier to change nomenclature than human nature. Because even while all are fed, there will always be someone who wants more than others. It is in our nature to strive. Even when we have our prize we find the real demon in the works. We learn the terrible and banal news…..all, glory and satisfaction is fleeting, and you will always want another shot at getting more..


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