Kelly hit the mark. If you call me short I will not fret for I am still 6 foot three no matter what you say. If I don’t believe it, I won’t bark. It’s when I think there is truth to the comment that am emotionally hooked. Trump, however, has gone beyond the pale so far that Shakespeare had something to say about it; “Methinks he protests too greatly!”   (So it must be true) Klikdapik for a comment, and then look up Reaction Formation in your psych dictionary.Megyn Kelly Donald Trump


“It’s this math thing that gets us. It’s so difficult to figure out.” SO why can’t the government give us anything/everything we want? I mean it’s just the governments money so they can do anything they want to. Right?” I mean what’s it matter if the rich are paying more. They have enough.!”  AND THE GOVT. CAN JUST MAKE MORE MONEY IF THEY RUN OUT!”  Right?

If you don’t know it’s sarcasm….you are part of the problem you idiot.



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