POTUS, Last Spotted Somewhere on the Dark Side of Delusional


Palestinian Minister: Our Women Are Different From Others; They Rejoice When Their Sons Die The first meaning, the most distilled and pristine essence of what it means to be the giver of life, is to be a mother.

 But Islam has a place for women who wish their children dead.

From  wombs of darkness are born generations of murderers. No sweet dreams of a life lived in peace. No soft and loving hand to still the thunder. No bosom, no comforting heartbeat to push back the darkness. No gentle touch to still the fevered spirit. I

In a land where each child is born to die and in that death celebrated,…… there are no mothers.


Our enemy is bred to welcome this fate…..


What makes any rational man to think they would be “moved” by a global warming yard party in Paris?


Oh! By the way, the arctic snow cap is bloated with more ice accumulation…Klikdapik(ice cream cone)


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