……..albeit those of primae facia  treason, does not impart any proof of culpability. And at the risk of appearing to play that old game of gotcha that I so dispise in political discourse, I am going to point out an orgy of evidence. But. There of course is a but. It’s my blog. I can but if I want to. But when there is a prevailing pattern that waddles about utterly obese with meaning, something more than another nit-pick has occurred.  POTUS has baited the right by glad-handing the Muslims since his first inauguration. From the apology tour tll now there has been an unbroken script of appeasement and apology on behalf of Muslims.. This is just another act in the Aplology Tour melodrama that marked his first year in the office.

Infiltration of the west and the ruination of the west from “within its own miserable house…” has always been the figurehead of the not – so – good – ship “Muslim Brotherhood”.


It is told that the vampire cannot step across the threshold  unless invited in  to by the master of the house.


Infiltrate? They are already here. The Brother hood is tied in with the Muslim student groups since there inception.

Quietly? When I see a child with downcast eyes, or a pup with lowered head skulking away, I  know that they know, they are guilty.

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