The Personal Revolution of a Decathlete.



Bruce Jenner, in the memory of this writer, entered the Lexicon American culture in 1976, at the montreal Olympics. He was a decatholete. Decatholetes were thought of as the total package. They had to be at world competition level in ten events that covered the skills basic skills. (running, jumping, throwing etc.)  of all events. Now at his 65th year he will explore his more feminine side. He was a  gold winning athlete. It remains to be seen as to whether he excels as a female as well. History is a weird story.

Bruce Jenner involved in Malibu car crash. (Getty Images/AP)But then again alive is better. Kris Jenner had problems with Bruce’s’ decision to change genders.  This kind of incident will tend to cause people to reframe their vision of what is and isn’t truly terrible.



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