A race-baiting media in concert with a race baiting white house and department of justice have painted a picture of black/progressive attitudes in America. The schema is thus: Dirty black cops murdering black boys en mass. Such is a plot line  perpetuated through all levels of popular media. Rich white men are evil and will use and abuse the poor cruelly to achieve their goals. Judging anything or anyone is inherently evil. Losing is damaging to children. Self discipline is a noxious behavior to expect from children. Our past dictates our present a behavior. We must be traumatized over traumatic events. Poverty equals criminality. White people are all at least a little bit bigoted. You can’t be a racist if you’re not white. There is a war on women, war on black males and a war on  getting to do anything you want to.   Notice the bold type of the greatest lie out there right now. and the old necrophiliac, transsexual, NAMBLA member who must be allowed to adopt just like the icky, victimizing heterosexual couple do.

Such is the big fist full of liberal “plug in’s”  listed above,   A.K.A. Mayor DeBlasio who  tried to plug in prescribed racial epithets in the wrong place. He plugged in The War on Black Men when it didn’t come close to describing the REAL event.  He claimed racism but neglected to include the supervising officer was a black female. He pressed the race issue even when the family of the victim was denying that it had anything to do with race. He joined the chorus of race baiters claiming a “war on black men”.

When the man who is supposed to have your back joins in the condemnation that could be refuted by any ten year old who can read a paper. When the man that  is supposed to have your back attacks you with the same falsehoods  shouted from crowds that also shout “what do we want, Dead Cops!”………………………………… you will turn your back.


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