Julie felt delectable when she puffed billows of scented powder after stepping from her bath. She had shaved, plucked, derma brazed, exfoliated and filleted (certain areas not to be specified). She sat for a few minutes “putting her face on” as she was want to say and her naturally beautiful features were enhanced to devastating effect.

High heals flexing her  hard calves  and a short flirty skirt to let her long legs angle in sinued elegance. Her figure was high and tight. When she stepped to the busy street she bounced a little in her step. Street workers crowded the corner where she paused to wait for the light to change.  She checked her email quickly on her phone. It seemed like forever on that corner, waiting for the walk signal. The jackhammer stopped hammering behind her. Finally the little figure lit up and Julie walked across the street. …….on the other side a group of young gang-bangers noticed Julie as she bounded gracefully onto the sidewalk. As she passed they all smelled her perfume and were momentarily beguiled. They stood and looked at her as she passed.  But not a word was spoken. She walked on in silence…..

Kinda uncomfortable and just a little weird. Would a silent stare be better? Yeah if you want to scare the hell out of people. High school girls polled about cat calls admitted that their feeling about public flirtation depends on the attractiveness of the flirt. If your attractive you have just scored points.  If your ugly, you have just committed a crime, and could face legal consequences. Should the female wish to press the matter. What if the female had a history of victimization and tended to see all male female interaction as sexual. What if she just wanted revenge against men or certain types of men. The field for abuse is vast.

 A whole slew of behaviors once thought to be bad manners have been elevated in significance to be rich fodder both civil and criminal court. Once “taken care of” with a  knuckle sandwich in the offenders chicklets by Uncle John. Now  the Neopuritan left is so  perpetually traumatized as to warrant court involvement at the drop of a tort.  Yeah right.



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