Eastern Europe has stood as a bastion againsnt western encroachment of the ‘East’ for three millennia. Greece held the line against Persia in the exteme east and south at , Plataea, Marathon and Thermopolis.  Charles “the Hammer” Martel, defended the underbelly of Europe from Islamic invasion in the early middle ages. The Crusades, through the twelfth centuries, Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates early 19th century.

Now focus on  Egypt, in the belly of the beast for a few centuries too long now, about digested. The true Egyptian population, represented by the Christian Copts, preceding their Arab invaders by six centuries, they have been persecuted to the point of abandonment of their homeland.  Christians are under siege all over the middle east. Those who are not being burned out or just killed, flee. 

Whether by war or infiltration, the thrust is always the same, the drive to power, domination, and  aggrandizement. ZPG ( Zero Population Growth ) became an issue in the ’70’s. This is no mystery. The west’s gift to the third world is improved health care and reduction in infant and childhood mortrality.  The Western cultures are depopulating indigenous population while the population of the third world masses is exploding.

Now take a look at the vast suburbs of Mexico city.  Just one of many vast shanty towns sprouting all over the globe. The human tsunami is rolling across the ocean of time. Western culture is on the beach, watching tide recede. The inevitability lies not within power of our foe, it lies within western civilizations reluctance to acknowledge their is an enemy.

Weird huh?



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