THE TRUTH: There is no mystery. POTUS lined out his direction from the onset. He asserted we were in for the long haul in this endeavor. ..”Expect years”..  The United States of America was going to engage in “degradation” with a terrorist group. Plug the kiddies ears but …What the fuck is committing violence upon a enemy, with the end goal not victory, but a “degradation of their capacity?”  POTUS has quite a pair.

Prevailing upon his old tactic of political rope-a-dope, he is slow walking the ISIS crisis!  By keeping our expectations low, lobbing a few bombs when each “ISIS crisis” erupts, he can slow walk this low intensity conflict right out of office. The new tenant can fix that little honey-do. “It’s not like it was a war or something. Duh!”  said Mr. Rhetoric. “By then it will have shrunk to a footnote of history.”  Then, a slow fade to  forgotten history. Then nothing.

 What might seem twisted brilliance is not so beguiling when it’s recognized as just a variation on a theme.  In a collusive relationship with the media, Obama has been successful ignoring each crisis away throughout his administration!  Time and the short attention span of the American public have served many politicians well.

No body bags for the evening news. .No American vets with hooks for hands.  No victory. But no defeat. No defeat to be connected to Obama. Just a little low intensity brushfire for his successor to sort out.  It is all for Barak Obama.


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