…and Rumors of War…


I recommend this vid. It gives a succinct and clear explanation of the conflict between Hamas and Israel. I feel that at a time when the condemnation of Israel is at a fever pitch, someone should step in and talk some sense to the world.

Israel = many nobel and Pulitzer prizes,= a world-class computer component producer etc etc. ad infinitum. Israel = presently surrounded by enemies who have sworn to see all Israelis dead. And  truth= the population of arabs living in Israel admit they live with more rights than any other arab  else in the middle east. The essential message of a religion is reflected in the quality of interaction between members of that religion. Muslims kill each other a lot. Over religion. Over a religion both factions ascribe to. ‘Yea baby! that’s my Muslims!’  Conversely, a bunch of Jews were given some worthless desert. They worked together and the desert bloomed.

It is common knowledge that billions have been stolen from Palestinians by Palestinian  leaders, (Yasser Arafat was rollin’ in PLO funds) . More Muslims have killed Muslims than by  any other ethnic or religious group. This truth applies now and throughout the history of Islam.  The rift that started with Mohammad’s death has raged between the Sunnis and Shia unabated to the present day.

Compare the miraculous growth of the fledgling Israel with any of its Arab enemies. Compare any other country of a similar age to Israel.

The Muslims think God hates the Jews. He evidently is just tricking them into a false sense of security with all the success and prosperity his has been inflicting on them.







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