Boko boys have got just under 300 girls kidnapped in a couple of raids on local village schools. Boko boy Abobakar Shekau, wants to sell them, which means he may be willing to ransom them. Goodluck Johnathan (that’s his name) president, has been a regular Keystone cop with lots of bluster and little action of substance. The situation has drifted from the front pages. Not because the situation has been resolved in some way, but because the American public has lost interest. Boko Haram is not a one hit wonder. They have been quite prolific in executing their various terror missions. prior to and since the kidnapping. They may have faded from the ganglia of the average American, but Boko Haram is still cookin’ on the front burner down Nigeria way and each long moment of these little girls ordeal should be more than a good world could bear to endure.


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