Damn the Victim

Ayaan Hirsi Ali born into the servitude of femininity in Islam. Having escaped the “religion of Peace” with her life , barely. She is a woman who has not been spared one insult to her humanity up to and including  enduring the hellish custom of genital mutilation. She has been a committed and high-profile for the past decade or so as she gets out the word on nasty practices of the death cult  Islam. As a therapist the Hammer is in the habit of piecing together a cradle of relationships and events that lead to the present state. The reasons for the left and it’s disdain for a person who is obviously trying to do the right thing is beyond the limits of my understanding.

 Why? Why no call to arms? Not a peep from the National Organization for Women over  the longest running criminal enterprise in history, directed toward their gender, and enabling a repressive patriarchy to continue to victimize women. The “war on women” we hear so much about constitutes an  insult to the whole idea of women’s suffrage. The American feminist lobby for her birth control to be subsidized. A Iranian women has to avoid being beat and imprisoned for the crime of being raped. Being bagged and buried waist deep so that she can’t run when she is being stoned to death.



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