I had problems ginning up interest in commenting on the revelations of ex Sec of Defense, Bill Gates. After a moment of thought I came to the decision that my lack of robust reaction was due to the fact that I had not been truly informed by the so-called revelation.

Fact is, I don’t think too many people were surprised. We had already an earful about it being Bushes war,bad economy,…la,la,la… and the paramecium-like quality of his base guaranteed that no one would question his methods or motives.  He was to get us out! The mission, successful or failed was of no concern. Victory was carefully avoided in all of this administrations statements about the Afghani conflict. For disengagement had become the prize, not ….ya know…the thing with a ‘V’ in it.

It was the ultimate move on the part of the ultimate narcissist, engage in a symbolic gesture of ‘wagging the dog’ and then run!

So no it’s not news that this monster was the high priest presiding over an American sacrifice of American blood, treasure and reputation. It was merely a ‘confirmation’ of what we already knew.


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