1. It seems that any metapharsical pablum that drips from the lips of.the kindershites from BLM,.LGBTQ, PDQ and A-OK  is believed by the cultural left. No bigotry, racism or slander is damned and no wackadoo’s credibility is questioned.  I guess if the “useful idiot” carries your water and backs your narrative, you squint a bit when you take their measure…..so there won’t be any unpleasant clarity to confound the delicute emotional balance of the fellow who smells of gasoline and road flares. Klikdapik for a brief article on the issue of character and the DNC  convention. The singer in the kabuki outfit has referred to our POTUS in terms as vitriolic as calling Trump a “cancer in the white house”  I just don’t believe coupling Porter with a resurrected old protest song will convince anyone that his cause is all peace signs and “gods eyes.” Kinda like lipstick on a pig..


AP featured image

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