Candace Owens

I have been at odds with the prevailing culture since I was in diapers. I have often felt like the lone voice in the wilderness or a banshee in the distance….. a harbinger of things to come. :Being youre own prophet is a lonely place. it is somtimes hard to keep the faith…..sometimes it takes guts to stand behind youre own beliefs.

SO THANK YOU CANDACE thank you for reasssuring me that real is real and the national defense mechanism of denial is not followed by virtualy everyone.

My heros were Einstein and Freud the scientific method was my creedo,Stones arre hard and marsh mellows are soft and these conditions were relatively stabel. .when a person loses sight of reality they question their sanity. When a nation loses sight of rality they call it A TREND. Listen to candace and SARE TO BE EDUCATED 

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