Honor Takes a Holiday

It isn’t that you did it. It’s HOW  you did it. Becoming the hall moni8to for the middle east has been our burden for a few decades longerthan it should have been. Our NATO pardtner are reluctant to become involved and it seems the the way of the feud is the way of life in the middle east.

Pulling our troops out of Syria is one thing. How we do it makes all the difference however. With no preparation,  psychological or logistical. We turned a withdrawal into a rout. Many who shouldn’t will die and it is our fault. The abandonment of the Kurds is a heartbreaking thing to do to the Kurds who will now get to see the living side of hell as they and their wives, sons and daughters are left to the mercy of Edegans troops.  

A Syrian woman walks with her children as Arab and Kurdish civilians amid Turkish bombardment on Syria's northeastern town of Ras al-Ain in the Hasakeh province along the Turkish border on October 9, 2019.

Other than the pullout in Iraq by Obama, have we seen a bug-out of this desperate dimension. Our reputation as a force for good in the world and as partners who can be relied upon is nil. It is just not American.

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