The Hate Crime Hoax

Crimes happen. When you have a population of 320,000,000, every kind of crime will happen a lot. But  hate crimes have a special place in the lexicon of criminal activities  as well as  the punishments that they receive. Hate crimes happen, whether they actually hold a special place in the world of crime or if naming certain crimes motivated by hatred of a certain group as specially vile is up for grabs. If I hate you for having consensual sex with my wife and I kill you, how is that , in essence, different than any other crime that might be designated a hate crime?   I admit  that I just don’t get it. If I were to randomly punch a stranger out as I am walking down the sidewalk do I hate him/her? It certainly isn’t a loving act. Isn’t such an action an act of hatred against society as a whole?. Harumph!  Now hate crime hoaxes have come into the news. The vid below is Steven Coulters take on the hate crime hoaxes that have occurred, in recent years. ateput on the spit and turned a bit.

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