Brick-back Arnold

Buck was one of those bubbas who looked a  like a big fat monster of a baby. He was human. I think. One day as I was standing around in back of Alva, Jr. High, and my bother ,always up for a senseless act to break the boredom of living in Little Alva, out in the middle of wheat fields and oil pump jacks. David threw about half of a red brick at Buck and hit him square in the back of the head. It was a line drive and the pop it made on impact convinced us he was a dead man. Buck, on the other hand, just turned around and said “WHO DID THAT”! We didn’t tell him. We ran.

Most would have collapsed in a heap on the ground. But his head was a “bubba head” and bricks were just a warm-up. We hid. He never found out who threw the brick. The pic below illustrates another such bubba moment. And Arnold, like Buck, was less than impressed.

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