Barr Dropped “The BOMB”

After a seemingly endless period of Democratic  Senators trying to get the Attorney General slip up and say something they could use to their own nefarious ends.  He played it by the book, kept frosty and was a stone of strength through the harassment.

Then the question. They thought he didn’t have the balls to do it! But when a Dem senator queried “Did you think there was spying on President Trumps campaign.” to which Barr calmly replied “Yes I do think there was spying.” The floor clattered with Democratic Jaws hitting the deck.

Fact is. We already know Clinton was in deep with the Russians and already made a pretty penny selling Uranium to them in another questionable transaction. Boy is it starting to warm up in here! I just got so see an Attorney General throw a political boomerang…….. This one is going pop Hillary and her cohorts in the FBI right in the noggin. She PAID for the fake Dossier that fooled the fisa court into Ok-ing an investigation of Trump. OOPS!

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