“There There Hon’

The “soft Mysoginism ” that gives entertainer Cardi B a free pass to drug and rob men is prevalent in modern western culture. I have always thought it a shame that many women (most) think that being equals to men means adopting their bad behavior. Smoking, drinking, cursing, and finally sex without strings. The list of bad behaviours can be expanded but I think the point is made.  Once considered the champion of better angels of our nature. Modesty, loyalty, nurturance, empathy, and keeper of the keys to romantic love were counted among their charges.

Womens sojourn into the world of casual sex has been a disaster for many women. The misguided idealism of young women sets up the trap than “the sins of youth are a lifetimes regret. I cannot number the women I have counseld that still have issues of crippling shame and self loathing much later in life over sexual “conquests”? of youth.

If a male drugs a women for sex with her unconscious body he should be arrested because the assumption is that he is responsible for his own behavior and should be held accountable. If it is a SHE, the psychologist is working overtime trying to explain-away her behavior. If a man rapes while he is under the influence he is again held accountable and is punished. If a female takes it upon herself to get drunk and screw, again the man is prosecuted for rape and his life is ruined after she wakes and realizes what she has done.

Believe the women! Of course we should look at any and all reports of sexual impropriety without prejudice, but an automatic conviction with no responsibility toward accepting consequences for her own actions, puts the average female in a position of power that is evidenced nowhere else in modern juris prudence. The number of lives given into the hands of accusing females and their power to level an accusation, be automatically believed and ruin the life of whatever male in the cross-hairs is an example of soft misogynisism. The “there , there honey (patting on head)” you are perpetually and flawlessly innocent is another example of soft mysoginism . Please be advised : If you screw like a man, impersonally, recreationally, and without interpersonal value…Don’t expect others to take your accusations seriously when you make no bones abut your devaluing entry into your body. You will get as much respect as you reserve for yourself. and no more..

If Cardi B expects equall standing while hiding behind stories of victimhood, or the “I did what I did to survive.” crap when for every woman slipping mickeys for dollars there are a hundred more pounding out a life for whatever paycheck they can get. BUT! “There there hon’ you didn’t know what you were doing.”



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