Look Whose in Charge?

. She made inflammatory anti-sematic comments. Caught some heat for it.  Then she did it again. Caught even more heat from doing it again. Then she brayed such anti-semetic vitriol again. Congresswoman Ilan Omar, after enduring the slings and arrows of public opinion, has not only proclaimed her Jew hating ways but has repeated it as a challenge to all who entertain the delusion that this young Muslim will have a  change of heart. The Democratic party appeared to be as outraged as the republicans. Then they hem hawed about it. Delayed a vote on a resolution to condemn her comments And after getting bitch slapped by Omar’s freshman plebe army, all the old timers, Pelosi, Schumer et.al. went tits up and started watering down their resolution without naming Omar or Anti-Semitism in particular. The simpering whine of a resolution the democrats laid out for all to gag down was a against hate. Hate. The were courageous enough to condemn hate. WE THANK YOU FOR EDUCATING US THAT WE SHOULDN’T LIKE HATE!  What insight into the nature of things!

Omar tore the curtain to the holiest of holies and the democratic party has castrated itself with this pabulum response.  Nancy Pelosi, leader of the  left has lost control of these dangerous “Young Turks” .  Now the entire  Democratic party dance to their tunes. IF OMAR AND have their way, all will dance to their tunes. One is doing her job of desensitizing America to anti-Semites in congress, and compatriot Muslim Rashida Taliab   is initiating, on her own volition, a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump.

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