Dan the Man and the Cortez Plan

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a plebe in congress full of piss and vinegar as she bounces her youthful hubris in front of any available camera. Her pie in the sky revelations for the perfect society and the perfect future for this country are a point of high comedy to those who have a functioning  neo cortex. She says In a decade we dismantle the oil based economy to make room for the electric cars and such. Air travel will be banned and  the air industry dismantled, ALL would be given a base wage, even unto the point that the recipient of this booty is openly stating that the will not work. You get paid whether you work or not. What do you do with someone who will not work? Well my instinct would be to walk away. AOC will gleefully pay the slacker on request, Everybody gets paid. And with 70%-plus of subsidy coming  from the 1% of high earners. Listen to Dan Bongino, eviscerate her pie in the sky thinking.. 

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