Lipstick on a Pig

Now that she is safely enscosed in her congressional position, Ms. Ortiz reveals the basic motivation for her run for office.  POWER!  In a rather tame exchange on Twitter she threatened the presidents son for expressing his opinion about a twitter POTUS had made and that she took umbrage to.

The essence of her statement was …”Now that I have the power you had better whatch what ya say ! I can subpoena you!

Such a statement could not have meen made if she were aware that her position was an office of trust and that she SERVED the American public rather than “rule the mob”. with her position in congress.

This further clarifies the lefts mindset of government as the new ARISTOCRACY.

In control of their own wage increases. and virtually impossible to terminate, the new bureaucrat will minister bribes to the mobs. Ya know. Like give them all a ‘bamaphone.

Democrat Ocasio-Cortez Threatens Donald Trump Jr. with Subpoena Over Meme



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