Me Thinks He Does Protest Too Much!……..




I have a brother-in-law.. He used to run with a gang of criminals in Tulsa Okla. and beat up gays, (when they weren’t burglarizing a house or beating some innocent down for their cash), they frequented gay bars to bait gay men into ambushes.  The primary aim was not robbery but violence.  Then came a day I got a call from him.  He was quite exited, he had been competing in cross-dressing contests at the gay bars in Wichita Ks..

Freud asserted that the personality, when conflicted by desires that are disturbing to the ego-ideal, (like unwanted gay urges ). will often transmute into what is referred to as a reaction formation.  A defense against the anxiety of struggling to keep denying  the core homosexuality.  An exaggerated opposite stance is made to ward off the truth.

Such reaction formations take on a overly dramatic, fanatical level.  Instead of disapproving, there is hate, instead of caution there is terror.

The pik below snags an article about two Muslim friends who were baiting gays online with the evil intent of murder………

Two facts to mull.  1. The two friends had been close since childhood

2. They had both dedicated themlves to killing gays.

3: The faith to which they adhere  is fem-phobic and filled with conflict.

Is murder strong enough medicine to treat your ego-dystonic homosexuality?   It does seem like an over reaction.   Personally I think they should give up the fight and kiss. For in some cases homophobia can lead to murder.


                                                 HEY THERE SAILOR!

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