The Adolescent Left

SPIDEY WILL FIND THE CULPRIT WHO DISSED TRUMPS STAR! An so it goes. Thomas Pain could  have skipped all the beautiful rhetoric and compelling ideas about the rights of man and just smashed something, or painted obscenities on the cows as they ruminated their cud. The age range my gut gives me is a culprit around 12 years old. My gut however, would be wrong. The mastermind behind this assault was 24 years old. (His motivations are not clear but it is probably going to be excused as (“performance-art”).

Gregg Donovan, the former official greeter for Beverly Hills holds a “Trump 2020” sign near the destroyed star.

“Occupy Ice” left some gifts for the city of Portland upon their departure. Again one would estimate the age of the perps at 10 years old.

Occupy ICE PDX Protesters Leave Heaps Of Trash, Human Waste For City To Clean At Taxpayers' Expense

The Honorable Maxine Waters incites all who will hear her to go to the streets and “Scream, or Do something”. Basically, she is inciting to riot. A MEMBER OF CONGRESS IS INCITING HER CONSTITUANT TO RIOT!  When a child or young adolescent does not have the verbal skill to adequately communicate their ideas they get physical and destroy something or just throw a tantrum. Clinically, these responses are referred to as “acting out, or oppositional-defiant disorder” ….monikers used to describe children in distress or aggression.  HMMMMMM pictures speak volumes!

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