Burning Desires

Sorry about my imposed hiatus fellow rogues, but I had a bit of mishap a few weeks ago that has prevented me from doing anything but hurt and recover. I will explain:

Following an extraction of all of my top teeth, still while under rather heavy sedation, I threw my legs over the edge of the bed, grabbed a butt and lit it up…….With the cannula, blowing four liters an hour, still in my nose.

I have seen a oxygen fire  before. the gas shoots out of the cannula under a bit of pressure. It buns so hot that It appears as sharp stiretts of white flame that will cut a trench through a combustible in the very instant of contact. Both nostrils got a blow torch up into the sinus cavities, my cheeks below the eyes sustained butterfly shaped burns .

My recovery from the burns heartache a point where I can write just a little bit . My beauty (Deb, my wife) took care of me well and tried to keep me medicated  close to a coma,  which is standard for serious burn cases, because the pain is excruciating and you just what to, “Sleep through it”

Pardon my absence I will post soon.

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