HMMMM…..That’s not What They bin telling Me!

The Legion of demons in the mainstream-press have been quite shrill, in pillorying Trump for separating children. The practice of separating underage children is outlined in the linked article, so that they would not be thrown back into being  unknowing mules for drugs or merely being used as an anchor baby for a slew of awaiting “relatives”. . The article describes a rather complicated set of circumstances from innocent children just pointed north and pushed to those used as mules for various amounts of contraband. The practice should be very public and oversight should be added to advocate for children as they are encountered. As far as the “mental cruelty” aspects of children being temporarily removed from their parents,…how can this discomfort be compared to walking through the desert in 105 degree heat with your parents or a mule, mile after miserable mile day after day.  An air conditioned environment, where you are reasonably safe for the first time in a while would seem like Shangri-La. Detention may be the most humane environment they have encountered in a while. To be sure there is a problem with the catch release program, and no child should be separated from their loved ones for any length of time.  But the present administration inherited the set-up and I believe they are waiting for non-obstructive involvement from the Democrat side. However cold-hearted it might seem, the present dilemma may be being used as leverage for more legislative action to alleviate the present dilemma from the Democratic side.

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