Samaritan Remorse/Islamofatigue

France outlawed the public display of Burka wearing a year or so ago, now Denmark, under siege from immigrant rape gangs and Jihadi Stabber Boys, has banned the burka, as well as other identity obscuring gear. There is a general trend in Europe that could be described as “Samaritan Remorse”  or “Islamofatigue”.  Italy has started a massive deportation of the blow-back from the Muslim incursion on Europe. It carries with it baggage that  was obviously not well considered by the host countries before they were host countries, including the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Austria. Now they think the spelling is wrong ‘age’ should be considered. It could be considered to have fallen off the end of the word host so that eastern Europe came to be considered “hostage” countries. Hostage to the installment of no-go zones, Muslim rape gangs, honor killings and the never-ending wail over the installation of Sharia as a replacement for the law of the land that already has been in place in that country for quite a while.See the source image

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