Driving in a blizzard.  You ever drive in a snowstorm. I mean  real storm with zero visibility and white-out conditions. Do you remember, (during night drives through snowstorms) loosing sight of the lines on the highway along with the ability to see any landmarks beside the road that would help orient you to where the road is and where you are? It is in times like this you really get bitch-slapped by the importance of knowing where the boundaries are, how fast you are travelling, and where the turns and ditches are?

I am married and as happy as I am, so I am safely out of the fray. But I would hate to be dating these days, the boundaries are new and I am confused. I believe in courtly manners, I believe in chivalry.  I am a big back patter and occasionally I hug….. if I have known you for a while.  It is unsettling to  see men who are publicly pilloried and ruined professionally and/or privately for pinching someone’s rear.  I see behaviors brought to  court  that would, (within my lifetime) be considered no more than bad manners.. There was a time when a  pinch on the bottom would get a man a sound slap (or two) across the face. Or, should she be accompanied by a male,  a can of whoop-ass would snap as it was opened on the mashers face.



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