What We Are Made of…..Pt.2


The article attached to this photo. illustrates the systemic denial toyed with by our conduits of information, the “main stream press”. It as become a social imperative to deny certain realities. …Realities that are as objectively provable as a tiger trap on a dark night. The point being, (pun intended), by the time you are proven wrong, you are impaled on bamboo stakes. I fear that our liberal’s self-flagellant take on personal worth could keep us looking at the stars rather than the path that lays ahead.

I see a land of Unicorns and clouds that look like dragons drifting by in sunny skies and a world where no one gets their feelings hurt..  The liberal daydream.  A land where you don’t get staked in a Tiger trap…unless it is by candy canes and marshmallows.  I see a land that never endured an existential crisis; no world war, no plague, or dissipation of economic depression. The millennium child, born of families broken by divorce, self- absorption, and self indulgence has taken to the streets.  Having no great crusade or threat to the country, the millennial children define themselves through self-inflicted wounds.  As a therapist I have seen many too many 12 year olds carving on themselves just to feel.

We live in the spiritual ruins of families fragmented;  in LBJ’s “Great Society” where fathers no longer stay, and the government stepped in as surrogate patriarch.  A place where boys without  male influence, grow to bully-hood and women, once custodians of morality, have abandoned virtue to adopt the worst male behaviors in a misguided attempt to empower themselves.  Now I hear the “F” word pass through female lips more than males. Profanity and promiscuity make you a man like crapping on statues and flapping your arms make you an eagle.

The Id has won the battle of the late 60’s and 70’s and the great social experiment of modern neo-socialism.   But the war isn’t over. And without engaging in the eternal debate of is there or isn’t there a God, it is safe to say our sins are consuming us.  It’s just not hip to be square.

But hope has not died.  It may be that Trump is the tough guy who will have his feet firmly planted and  his “Id” in check, his conscience clear and his ego firmly anchored to balance it all out.  No matter the cradle, be it in Heaven or the mind of man, evil deeds are done all over the world and the whole of humanity is the perpetrator. I would rather fight the good fight than just sit in the bleachers, waiting for a miracle to come along and save me. There really is a force in the world called evil.  Three are on the field, Villains, victims and hero’s.  The great conundrum is this…..What are we made of?




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