It is getting downright boring to hear of a Clinton breaking rules and taking money from the wrong people for the wrong reasons. But the deals she has brokered have had national effect. Major weapons systems are being sold to countries who supply and support terrorist organizations across the globe.

Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Feel Safe? Here Are 3 Times Hillary Apparently Took Bribes From Terror FundersAt present  there is a civil war between the politicized Dept. of Justice and the(Clinton/Obama crew) and the  Federal Bureau of Investigation(Respected investigative organization trying to salvage it’s rep)!. The Bureau is trying desperately to salvage its reputation as untouchable and beyond reproach. (Maybe it’s too late) and the Department of Justice is not looking for Justice, it is scrambling  cover it’s bosses ass. (Which appears larger and harder to cover with each passing day.)!!

No product has been fabricated. and no service has been rendered for an honest days pay. In the two decades since the Clintons left office (Bill was the POTUS ) “dead broke” they have accrued over a hundred million dollars. No factory, no product, and no service other  than the sale of access, and sweetheart deals. The Clintons are now worth overver ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. Hillary


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