How to Become the Round-Mouth of the Pound…*

The beggar that turns aggressive. The gifted who spit in the eye of gift givers. The errant, angry  child, the K-9 biting the hand that feeds. How could this be?  No gratitude? No humility? How could they be soooooo UGLY?

Well any self respecting Muslim dines on such naiveté. Strictures of honor, duty and common decency are not offered to an enemy of Islam.. And anyone who is not of their group, is by every definition provided by Muslim literature, as well as past and current historic behavior, enemy du jour .

To the Muslim “immigrant” such generosity is considered weakness, deserving of no respect, deference or kind disposition.

The weak are to be despised and offered no quarter by the Muslim. Greater respect could be garnered by a good slap in the face and a ticket back home. Extending your hand won’t get you a dram of consideration when they start sawing  on your neck.

*Title references prison slang for one who services others basic (genital) needs  in order to survive.


   The Canary Died.


Personal experience supports the issue of capricious rewriting of history to support a particular political bias. This abandonment of objectivity in defense of political bias is at a pitch which can only be considered indoctrination.





















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