I am kind of a Johnny-come-Lately in toying with the idea of Government jobs being the “New Aristocracy”. I have had to disabuse myself of the old concept of the Drone bureaucrat, bloodless and dull with a fair livable wage and good benefits. As Government grows and it is corpulent right now, it is more complicated and harder to monitor for ethics and sound judgment. The fry rot that can form in the fat-folds of a gluttonous beauracracy was evidenced by  IRS-gate and the persecution of the right by “Bureaucrat-Cum-Dark-Minions” that  this generation of professional govt. bureaucrats had become. Such collusion has been taken care of by the RICO laws that staggered the Mafia a couple of times. But even with an admission of wrongdoing no one lost their job. They were government employees and they were untouchable.

Why does this development not surprise? The American military barely able to defend the nation?  For a colonialism survivor like Obama, an unbeatable American military is not good. All applications of military superiority are bad. So weaken Americas military and reduce Americas victimization of the third world. GOOD! The American military can no longer threaten to enslave the world! And in keeping with the mentality of the savior of mankind that each liberal imagines him/herself to be, the masses are all wounded and benighted and oppressed, and he/she is their savior. Nothing is required for the system to work other than a docile and dependent people who will reinforce the savior delusion by being properly mediocre, dependent and uninspired to rock the boat by excelling. Excellence, the whore of the capitalist fantasy, is sure to make some feel “less than” and cause them to try to better themselves. If this dissatisfaction spreads then the throne of savior that is the blood line of bureaucracies is threatened.


Therefore America itself must be brought to a humble, quiet idle. All the world must be muted,…that the light of the liberal might shine ever more brightly.



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