Paradigm Change?

 The real history of science is a series of corrections to previous paradigms. History is spewing out true-believers at a cosmic rate. Ask Newton ten minutes before Einstien “got it” on relativity. New theorists wander the land like gunslingers.  Looking to put the old hand down to gain their own reputation. In other words “go tell the Quantum Boys.” about Einstein’s theory.

A look into the coverage received by the “main stream media” (henceforth, MSM) will be interesting. One wonders whether this story has legs or will be sacrificed to media infanticide by the high Priests of Editorial discretion. Editorial discretion is interchangeable with editorial “selection.”  An embarrassingly liberal slant has taken hold of most major information networks and entertainment industries. American left holds sway over the images and icons of Hollywood, Broadway, etc.. Until American conservatives get cool or so heavy with gravitas as to beguile the youth away from blind idealism, (Big “yeah right” on that one) they will know limited political succcsess.


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