Munchausen by Proxy, a sick baby is a quiet baby….




We can’t be sure of the look, feel, size, smell or sound of a recovery, but of late some bodies been touting a recovery of the Stealth kind. There has been some progress in spite of the periodic suppression by the Obama administration. Again he seems to fly in the face of healthy capitalism. Most progressives are a little frightened by the thrust of capital gain.   So the U.S.’s little progress toward a robust economy needs to be suppressed post-haste.  Success should be limited, the middle class should begin learning how to take from our good and gracious government. Obama plans on soaking the rich in order to help the middle class. klikdapik b- low Remember what the pusher says, “first one’s free.” Course the clown just says “hand it over.”

The rich are targeted again to pay for the Middle class that we should but don’t have. Put a few more takers on one dole or another and you will limit dangerous thinking as well.

Methane is getting cheaper. Gas is going down in general. A shot in the economic arm should be forthcoming.  Therefore we should stifle the production and utilization of methane gas immediately. Right? In a classic tactic Obama, powerless to get enough support for his Unicorn laws, Obama is using predatory regulation to drone kill select industries. Strong arm Chicago style?

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